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In this article, we’re going to be using DaVinci Boa which is a supplement that helps if you have ball pythons that are not eating. I discovered this product after I purchased a wild, caught female ball python back in December and she was not eating for me.

I tried everything under the sun, including ASF, rats, mice, changing up her enclosure, anything I could think of to get her to eat. After searching around the internet and talking to other breeders, DaVinci Boa Growth Supplement was recommended for me to try.

DaVinci Boa

What is DaVinci Boa Growth Supplement?

DaVinci Boa is a growth supplement that has been developed by Richard Delbono, a renowned breeder known by many in the ball python breeding community. His reputation is second to none, and his supplement has been coined the “miracle supplement” because it produces phenomenal results.

DaVinci Boa

How does DaVinci Boa Growth Supplement Work?

DaVinci Boa Growth Supplement is designed to replenish vital nutrients that are lost as a result of the breeding process. There are similar veterinary products out there, but there are a few things that make this supplement different from them.

First, it has been created with reptiles in mind. That means they have avoided using any fillers or additives which can cause digestion problems for snakes and lizards alike.

Second, DaVinci Boa Growth Supplement is made to be an all-natural product. It has amino acids, calcium, and vitamins. These ingredients help to replenish all the nutrients that are used by the snake, especially after the breeding process.

Video Tutorial

How is DaVinci Boa Administered?

The supplement is injected into the snake’s mouth using a syringe. Bear in mind that not just any syringe will do, you want one that does not have sharp edges. The ones I use are 1mm disposable syringes that I purchased from Amazon.

To administer the supplement I do the following:

  • Put on gloves for my safety and the snake’s safety
  • Measure the dose
  • Position the Snake
  • Insert the syringe in the Snake’s Mouth
  • Massgae the Snake

1. Put on gloves for my safety and the snake's safety

I always put on gloves when I do any type of invasive procedure on my snakes. For this procedure, my hands will be around her mouth a lot. I don’t want to introduce any bacteria that could harm the snake. And if she bites me, the chance of me getting any type of infection is reduced with the wearing of the gloves.

2. Measure the Dose

The instructions say that for 100 grams of body weight, you need to administer 0.1 cc or ml. My snake weighs 1200 grams, so that means I to have give her 1.2 ccs of DaVinci Boa.

For the syringes I use, I draw the plunger to the 1.0 mark, that’s the max indicated. Then I eyeball it and go slightly past the 1.0 mark to approximately 0.2. I do this because I don’t want to stress the snake out with multiple insertions, especially for a really small amount.

measure supplement

3. Position the Snake

Next, I position the snake by holding it by the neck and tucking the rest of her body under my arm. I hate necking animals, but for this procedure it is necessary. You don’t have to choke the snake out, just apply enough pressure to hold them steady.

position for supplement

4. Insert the syringe in the Snake's Mouth

Once you have your snake in position, you’ll want to gently insert the syringe from the side. When the snake starts to open its mouth, you want to move the syringe towards the center of the snake’s mouth.

As you reposition the syringe, be careful not to block the snake’s glottis. The glottis is the small opening at the bottom of the snake’s mouth that allows the snake to breathe while swallowing.

With everything situated, push the plunger down on the syringe to inject the supplement down the snake’s throat. Pay attention to any spillage that may occur and adjust the syringe as necessary.

Snake Glottis
inserting syringe_1
inserting syringe_2

5. Massgae the Snake

After you administer the supplement, gently massage the snake to force it down to her belly. I do this by holding the snake up and massaging just behind the neck stroking down to the middle of her body.

Once you have successfully administered the product, give it about a week and you should see your snake’s feeding response begin to trigger. For my snake, I did two applications, two weeks apart to ensure it would be effective. So far, so good!


Who Should Use DaVinici Boa?

Any snake owner who is looking for a supplement that will increase the feeding response of their pet. This includes people who have snakes that have gone off feed.

Does this product have any side effects?

It has been created with reptiles in mind, so any side effects or problems should not happen. Because it is comprised of vitamins and minerals, it is completely safe and does not require FDA approval. You could literally drink this stuff yourself, and you would not have any issues.

Where can I buy DaVinci Boa and how much does it cost?

You can buy DaVinci Boa by contacting Rich on Instagram, Facebook, or Morph Market pages. Depending on the size you are looking to purchase the price will vary. For me, I purchased the smallest bottle they had for $80. This included shipping and handling.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s it for now, but I definitely want to thank Billy from Mutation Creation who put me onto this product.  I am glad he did because I think this is gonna be one of those products that will revolutionize the reptile industry. With that said, I believe every reptile keeper should have this in their home.

Until next time, happy breeding!

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Matisha Maldonado (Tish)

Matisha Maldonado (Tish)

Matisha is veteran and an avid snake entusiast. She loves learning all about animals, particulary reptiles. Any spare time she has is dedicated to breeding ball pythons and teaching others all about ball pythons.

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